The private Polyclinic “Diagnosis” was founded and firstly operated in 2014 in Naoussa, Paros. The Polyclinic was created with standards unprecedented for the island and meets the conditions of a modern carrier in the field of primary health care. It is sufficiently equipped with medical equipment of high and modern technology and staffed with highly trained and qualified staff.
The Polyclinic “Diagnosis” awarded of the highest international quality standard certification of TUV HELLAS ISO 9001: 2008.


“Diagnosis” Polyclinic was founded by a group of businessmen, who wanted to cover the needs of the residents of Paros in the health sector. Their attitude to modernize this sector urged them to engage in this endeavor. The group aims to make “diagnosis” an exemplar Polyclinic and to further develop it, so as to offer high quality medical services to residents of Paros and nearby islands.

The founders of the “diagnosis” are professionals distinguished for their reliability and honesty, who show great respect for the needs of the fellow people. Therefore, they envision to convey with their behavior all the values ​​in which they believe and act as an example for the whole community.


The manpower of ‘diagnosis’ responds professionally to the demands of the daily routine and the patients. Regarding the medical staff of “diagnosis”, they perform with great consciousness their duties. Aware that they are not just practicing a profession, but perform vital functions, doctors act with respect towards people and life. The doctors are daily serving their mission and put persistent effort for continuous improvement of services and provision of information to the citizens about prevention and health topics.

Corporate social responsibility

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, “Diagnosis” contributes in a dynamic way in the facing of environmental issues. “Diagnosis” acknowledges its role as a health carrier and demonstrates its respect for the environment and fellow human beings. More specifically, it collaborates with the company “General Chemical Applications” for the management of hazardous medical waste, a procedure applied by very few medical centers because of the high costs. This way, it practically shows its interest in the protection of the environment and public health.